Morning Outrigger Ride | Four Seasons Oahu Underwater Photographer

What better way to start the day than jumping on an outrigger and taking a dip into the Pacific Ocean? Summer is right around the corner with it's endless blue skies and brilliant blue water and we are looking forward to spending as much time in the water as we can with the Four Seasons activities crew. 


We left while the sun was still rising in the sky, giving us cooler weather to paddle out. As we made our way to the usual snorkel area we spotted a turtle poking his head out of the water, so of course we had to stop to say a quick 'hello'. 


We could have stayed at this spot all day, but we knew there were more places to explore. Once we arrived at our snorkeling destination, the sun was well overhead and we were greeted by an array of colorful fish and crystal clear water. 


With views like this, we never wanted to leave, but we knew there will be many more days like this to come. 'Til next time!