The Afterglow | Koolina Family Photographer Four Seasons Oahu

On warm Hawaii evenings, people often flock to watch the sun sink below the horizon, only to quickly disperse at the last flicker of golden light. But once in awhile, a new layer of color will emerge a bit later, painting the clouds and ocean in hues even more brilliant than the initial sunset itself. In the same way, sometimes you meet a family that put a smile on your face that only grows stronger as you look back at the memories you created together. The H family visited Oahu in January, and they definitely left behind an afterglow.

Our session started out in the beautiful resort gardens. They were in Hawaii for the holidays, and it was clear to see they were having a great time enjoying their time together.


The gardens made a great place to get a few portraits. These two had a little sparkle in their eyes, just a hint of a little troublemaker hidden beneath their calm composures.


Troublemaker or not, little A will never lack for protectors, between her Dad and big brothers.


After the garden, we stopped in the floral walkway for a little time for Mom & Dad


Of course, not to be left out, the children found their way into the photos. 


The light softened, and it was the perfect time for a stroll on the beach, toes wiggling in the sand. Sure enough, can you spot the little trouble makers? 


The sun sank deep into the horizon, but the clouds looked promising, so I encouraged the children to continue playing and exploring. 


As the light grew brighter against the clouds, and we all found ourselves soaking up the afterglow. 


After the session, the family decided to have us create a family photo album for them to preserve their family memories, and left us these kind words:

"We loved how you captured cool and interesting perspectives, and you exceeded our expectations, even by your warm personality and how you were able to get the kids comfortable with you and bring out their natural expressions and personalities. The book is beautiful, such a nice way to remember the trip and capture the personalities of the kids at this age. We keep talking about you and all our friends keep asking how we found you."

Thank you so much for the kind words, H family, we hope you'll come back to visit again soon! 

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