Hold Me Close | Ko Olina Photographer

This beautiful family enjoys spending lots of time together, and their sweet little moments together exuded pure love for each other. When Mrs. M found out her husband was going to be deployed for the holidays, she wanted to capture some of these precious moments to hold close during the long days apart. Sometimes, the best thing about a family session is just getting to be together, and then looking back at those moments and remembering what it feels like to hold each other close.

Ko Olina Family Photographer Black and White

You just know when these sweet girls are older they will look back at their precious moments with Mom & Dad, just enjoying life and each other.

With a soft golden glow, we led the family to Secret Beach.

With a soft golden glow, we led the family to Secret Beach.

Ko Olina Couple Photographer Sunset

As the sun sank further into the horizon, the sky added a beautifully painted background to capture and create beautiful memories together.

Ko Olina Children Sunset Photographer

Even though he may be away for a short while, we know his girls are waiting for him back home, holding close the memories they have together, and looking forward to creating more together in the future.

“Time together is our happily ever after”