Moana Mini Photoshoot: Making an authentic hula skirt

This spring break, children staying at Four Seasons Oahu can learn how to make an authentic hula skirt and lei, the story behind these materials and their significance, followed by a hula lesson. We're thrilled to partner with the lovely Oweita, director of the Four Seasons children's program Camp Kohola at the Hideaway, to bring you this beautiful mini "Moana" shoot.

Keiki will have two opportunities to participate in this special opportunity over spring break:

March 27, 10AM - Haku Lei-making activity, followed by hula lesson.

March 31, 10AM - Pua lei making activity and Ti leaf skirt demonstration, followed by hula lesson.

Afterwards, you can book an optional photo shoot on the beach. Contact us here to reserve your own personal photographer. 


We also partnered with Jordan, a talented artist who weaves custom hats from coconut fronds, as seen in the photo below. Let us know if you would like your Ola photographer to arrange for your own custom hats to be delivered for your family's photo session at Four Seasons Oahu.


As Oweita explains in the video, Hula was a very important way to pass down stories. Often, dancers would gather leaves and flowers from that grew specifically in the areas they were telling a story about. It helped them to tell the story about those places and their significance.


While there is now a written form of the Hawaiian language, hula still plays a vital role in keeping the culture alive. It is for this reason Oweita loves to share the story behind the dance and dress with visitors. She loves to see the look on guests faces as they learn the significance of this very special dance and dress.


Afterwards, we headed down to the beach to capture a few memories together with their mother. While the leaves and flowers faded after a few days, we printed a few photographs on beautiful fine art paper to take home and help them remember the special hula lesson and the story.

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