Pregnancy Announcement | Ko Olina Photographer

What better way to announce a new addition to the family than with festive leis? On a warm summer morning in July, we headed down to the beach to capture this lovely family's photos, along with a special surprise. Unbeknownst to brother and sister, Mom and Dad had a little announcement for them. 


Once we found a place in the soft sand, Mrs. A pulled out a bag and told the children Santa had come early this year, and it was Christmas in July. Then, she asked the children to guess what their surprise might be.

"A skateboard?" was brother's first guess.

No, not a skateboard, laughed Mrs. A.

Disappointed, he turned to playing with the sand.

"How about a new baby brother or sister?" she suggested, "Would you like one of those?"

Sister looked up with surprise.


"How about a skateboard?" he persisted.

It took a moment for brother to catch up with sister's moment of realization, but when he did, he couldn't stop smiling. 


"Do you want a brother, or a sister?"

"I think a sister," he replied.

This time, his guess was on point, and Mrs. A smiled and opened her bag to reveal the pink leis inside.


As much as we love setting up the perfect shot with everyone smiling at the camera, sometimes the 'in-between' candid shots end up being our favorites. Those quick moments where families forgets about the camera as they enjoy each other's company. 


We had a blast capturing this sweet pregnancy announcement, and we can't wait to see what's in store for this growing family! 

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