Under the Sea | Four Seasons Underwater Photography

When the sun is blazing and the ocean is at our fingertips, it's hard to resist jumping on the outrigger and paddling out to explore. We were thrilled to accompany this fun-loving couple out to look for sea creatures and a plethora of fish, in the hopes of capturing some unforgettable memories.


We hadn't paddled out very far, before a pod of wild Hawaiian Spinner dolphins came alongside the outrigger, jumping and spinning around the boat.


With dolphins right beside us, we couldn't resist throwing on some masks and slipping into the water to see their graceful forms below the surface. We like to be respectful of these local residents and so we do our best to not interrupt their sleep patterns. However, this small pod was pretty playful and continuing to circle around us so we took it as a sign that we could say a quick "Hello". 

Brodie+Kelsey-2721 (1).jpg

After awhile the dolphins moved on and so we did too, heading over to our snorkel spot in the hopes of finding a honu (turtle).  


We couldn't have asked for a better morning, with dolphins playing around our outrigger and a turtle popping up right next to us. Can everyday be this perfect?   

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