Honeymooning in Paradise | Four Seasons Oahu Photographer

Have you ever heard of the country Azerbaijan? I have to confess I hadn't, until I photographed this sweet couple on their honeymoon. They had just tied the knot in their home-country of Azerbaijan, all the way on the other side of the world, and were now exploring paradise together as husband and wife. Whether it was their youthful charm or that honeymoon glow, I couldn't get enough of these newlyweds. 

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Sweet Sunset | KoOlina Family Photo Session

In Hawaii, you adorn yourself with flowers for special occasions with a lei around your neck or a woven lei po'o around your head, called a haku lei. What could be more special than an evening with the family, enjoying the ocean breeze and a soft summer sunset? It's the perfect excuse to put on a couple haku leis and a whole bunch of smiles. 

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