Personalized workshops are offered through the #FSWAYFINDERS program exclusively at Four Seasons Oahu with photographer Liz Barney. Cost is $85/hr for up to two participants. There is a minimum of 2 hrs required for sunset workshops.


Creative Compositions (1 hr)

Explore the property while learning how to utilize creative principals for creative compositions. Use your cell phone or camera.


Learn the basics of the exposure triangle, along with how to effectively utilize your camera settings to get the most out of your camera. Req: DSLR (camera rental available for an additional $45)

Sunset (2 hrs)

Watch the sun set in scenic location near Four Seasons. Optional: add on an additional hour and experiment with light painting. Required: DSLR (camera rental available for an additional $45)

Digital post-production (1-2 hrs)

Bring your photos from your workshop, or from your adventures. You will learn the finishing touches of digital photography, and the secrets of RAW file processing in Adobe Lightroom as well as Photoshop .